Ljubljana fair

Adria Security Summit 2018

10.-16. 9.

800 pax
Organizer: Global Security d.o.o.

“The main reason why we have decided for GR was its location. Namely, GR was in the vicinity of our hotels, restaurants and town centre. The main advantage of your venue is the professional service you provide. Your staff did their part excellently, providing us with everything we needed. Another advantage would be a huge parking adjacent to the rear entrance, that we used for car parking and that came in handy when it comes to equipment import.The best evaluation is given by our guests, our partners, our sponsors. While talking to them, you get the impression needed for evaluation of all that effort and devotion the entire team put into the organization of this event. Critiques are largely positive and they come from our sponsors and our guests. We as the organization team, are of course satisfied, taking into consideration that we put a year of hard work into the organization of this event. We have managed to gather a large number of guests, around 1200, thus we can proudly say that Adria Security Summit 2018. is successful.”

G. Mahir Hodžić

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