Ljubljana fair

ESRA 2015

The European Society of Regional Anasthesia & Pain Therapy

It has been a pleasant experience being in Ljubljana and working with the GR. The professional approach, the good facilities, the cooperation and professionalism of the staff has been all in all a good experience. We will continue the collaboration between us and hope to have more business together in the near future.

Avital Rosen, AVP, Client Accounts, Kenes International

Dear Tina, Marko and Miha,

With a long delay (after the hectic months of September & October) we’re taking this opportunity to thank you for your assistance during the preparation period before the ESRA 2015 Congress and of course during the Congress itself. It was the first Congress that we had at your Venue after few years – and again we enjoyed supporting it with your professional help, patience, time and efforts. Please forward our warm thanks to the your Tech., AV & IT teams, who were assisting us on site during the Congress.

Till the next time,

Warm regards,

Mike and Erez, AV Coordinators, ESRA 2015 Congress

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