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32nd Ambient and Home Plus Fair

From 8 to 12 November, the Ambient and Home Plus Fair, 32nd interior design and construction trade fair, will take place at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Over 160 companies from 18 countries will be presenting trends in the world of design. Visitors can expect a diverse range of interior design products, including indoor furniture, outdoor garden furniture, decorative lighting and a range of construction products. This year's fair focuses on furnishing, home construction and design solutions, and, importantly, on energy-efficient solutions.

This year again, the fair is characterised by a rich accompanying programme:

  • 12th TOP IDEAS

An exhibition and marketplace of creations by young and promising creatives. Top Ideas bring to the fore the awareness of young people's creative capital. The solutions submitted this year are once again fresh and of high quality. They reflect knowledge, effort, courageous choices and technological perfection in execution. Green thinking and degradable, recyclable materials prevail. In particular, there are products made of wood, various types of metals, glass, polymers and even 3D printed concrete.

  • Special guest of TOP IDEAS - STUDIO AINO

Creativity at Studio Aino is bound by a distinctive philosophy. Initially, it was a combination of architecture and craftsmanship, which then included unique design. The design process is constantly checking, questioning and searching for details, but the focus remains on the material, whose characteristics dictate the form and condition the use. This is why, over time, their work has become increasingly noticed and rewarded, including in the Top Ideas Design Trade Show.

  • Special guest of the fair CONNUBIA brand

Connubia is a young and modern brand of the Calligaris Group. It represents the creation of a new community of people who share the same passion for fresh and dynamic design. Connubia products have a simple, functional design where colour expresses vitality and personality. These are products that want to be environmentally friendly, using ever more environmentally friendly materials and boasting a low impact on the environment.


  • TOP ARCHITECT: Free architectural consultations are available as part of the Top Architect project. By pre-registering on the website for a 30-minute appointment, consultants suggest home renovation ideas throughout the fair.
  • Free 3D drawing of a bathroom at the MERKUR corner.
  • Free consultations by independent experts from the ZRMK Building and Civil Engineering Institute and the EN SVET Network - Eco Fund are available throughout the fair.


  • Ljubljana School Centre / HIGHER VOCATIONAL COLLEGE Materials Design programme

The Ljubljana School Centre's Higher Vocational College runs a promising Materials Design programme, which is divided into two majors, Wood Design and Metal and Polymer Design. Students will present their work. The wooden products were made in cooperation with the Ribnica Handicraft Centre, while the metal furniture elements were made in cooperation with Voga d.o.o. Their slogan is "connected in knowledge". It is through this connection that they have acquired knowledge of tradition and Slovenian heritage, as well as modern trends in material design in the metalworking industry.


Students prove with their projects that with good concepts, ideas, innovation, different thinking and with new design and other skills, they will be among the best and the most successful. The meaningful integration of theory and practical work in the school workshops and the intensive cooperation with the companies that support the work of the school allow them to present their products to a wider public. Participation at the fair event gives students the opportunity to promote themselves and to get in touch with current trends in the sector.

  • Exhibition of the project Designing Solutions for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

On the initiative of the University of Ljubljana, the first phase of research at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design faced the challenge of identifying the key problems of multiple sclerosis sufferers at different stages of the disease symptoms, and then to design conceptual designs for an improved user experience for patients, their caregivers and other stakeholders. The whole project will be presented at the fair.

  • BIOTECHNICAL FACULTY – the Charm of Wood:

In order to promote wood and wood products, the Slovenian Society for the Protection of Wood and the Wood Council are organising the exhibition The Charm of Wood. With it, they want to promote and encourage the processing and use of wood. The aim of the exhibitions is to raise consumer awareness of the sustainable importance of the wood processing industry and the use of wood products.

  • Exhibition of Photographs on Wood: Wooden and Holistic Exterior Transformations (Mizarstvo Kos)

The Mizarstvo Kos Company presents a travelling exhibition of holistically planned and executed transformations designed to improve the quality of outdoor living. The before-and-after photographs visualise the products of master carpenters and present the exterior design of Slovenian homes and businesses. The exhibition is an experience with the wood material that is based on sustainable business, local wood processing and a low carbon footprint.
The exhibition is complemented by an exhibit from the Lesarius Museum, which presents the craft of woodworking as an intangible cultural heritage of our ancestors. Using an augmented reality app, visitors point their mobile device towards a wooden target and learn about the professions of wheelwright, carpenter, joiner, barrel maker, turner, carver and basket maker.
JURIJ RIHAR – Exhibition of Thonet chairs

Jurij Rihar, a gentleman from Škofja Loka, known as a master restorer of bentwood furniture and as one of the greatest connoisseurs of Thonet furniture, will be exhibiting his pieces also at this year's Ambient Ljubljana. Throughout the exhibition, he will present interesting stories about the furniture and show how he himself breathes new life into them.

  • REUNICA – Refurbished Furniture

At Ambient Ljubljana, the Restored Furniture exhibition will show how each piece is given a new chance and comes back to life in its full glory. The mission of Reunica is to preserve our heritage, which is hidden in furniture. Because if we do not preserve it, we will disappear with it.



  • Wednesday, 8 November – Saturday, 11 November 2023: 10am – 7pm
  • Sunday, 12 November 2023: 10am – 6pm


Regular tickets € 9, online pre-sale € 7.

Tickets purchased online include transport by the LPP (Ljubljana Passenger Transport) city bus to the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre and back on the day of the fair.

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