Ljubljana fair

The international CPR Congress of Europe 2019 at GR

1000 experts from 57 countries in emergency medicine are coming on the 19th of September 2019 to GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre’s halls where the Resuscitation 2019, the CPR Congress of Europe, will take place. The congress of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) that will last for three days will be titled “Controversies in resuscitation. What works and what doesn’t work during resuscitation?” Delivering updates on controversies in resuscitation science, guidelines and practice, the Resuscitation 2019 is bringing to Ljubljana one of the most important scientific events of the year. Among the hottest controversies in resuscitation science, education and implementation, the participants will be also able to gain an insight into how these controversies may be resolved. Controversial topics will include hands-only CPR, adrenaline, advanced airways, and temperature management. Besides lectures the Resuscitation 2019 will provide workshops and a European Resuscitation Competition.
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