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A new event at GR – Days of Intergenerational Coexistence

Between the 14th and 16th of May 2019, GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR) will host a new event: the fair called Days of Intergenerational Coexistence. With being organised in a cooperation between the Slovene Federation of Pensioners’ Association (ZDUS) and the GR itself, the Days of International Coexistence make for the seventh event of the GR’s own production and execution on a yearly level next to hosting major international fairs and congresses. Under ZDUS’s initiative in January 2018, the first intergenerational link of representatives of different generations and interest groups in Slovenia was created – the MeKoS Intergenerational Coalition, which, in addition to the ZDUS, is comprised of the the Students’ Organisation of Slovenia, the Slovenian Student Union and the Youth Council of Slovenia. And in addition, ZDUS and GR decided it was time for the first central event and the Days of Intergenerational Coexistence were born. The aim of the newly formed fair is to introduce the concept of an intergenerational approach to addressing societal challenges as well as to address the needs of all generations, so that intergenerational coexistence can be created. At the same time, the fair will encourage the exchange of ideas, the possibility of networking, and the building of intergenerational cooperation. The main themes of the event will be: labor market and retirement, entering the labor market (mentoring older people for younger people), labor market and older workers, and last but not the least, the pension system and the demographic fund. With the fair, the GR wants to offer space for the presentation and promotion of innovative approaches, programs and projects of intergenerational activities which contribute to the construction of a tolerant, culturally and socially responsible environment. GR hopes that the fair will become a meeting point for service providers, products, programs, and activities for young, middle-, and older generations.
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