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Public lecture at the conference EXRS of X-ray scientists

12. 6. 2018

You are invited to the EXRS 2018 Public lecture titled 'Beating the complexity of matter by the selectivity of X-rays'. The talk will be given by prof. dr. Alexander Föhlisch, one of the foremost experts on X-ray and synchrotron science and a researcher and professor at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and University of Potsdam. The event is open to the public and free of charge. The talk will be given in English. X-rays contribute greatly to gain insight to crucial scientific questions. How can switching for information technologies becomes more efficient or how is rate and selectivity in chemistry influenced on the level of atomic constituents. This helps to identify limiting steps in the harvesting of light and energy conversion. Underlying is the rapid evolution of accelerator based X-ray sources, where the selectivity of X-ray spectroscopy gives a view of matter atom-by-atom.

EXRS is a biennial meeting of X-ray scientist and users that will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia in June 2018. It is organised by the Department of Low and Medium Energy Physics at the Jozef Stefan Institute.

For more info visit: https://exrs2018.ijs.si/