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Alpe–Adria: Tourism and Leisure Show at the end of January

Does your hectic way of life and daily business obligations make you dream of winter vacation? Relax! We are here: Alpe–Adria. Visit the leading event in the field of tourism in the Alps-Adriatic region, the Alpe–Adria: Tourism and Leisure Show, accompanied by the Boat Showbetween 26–29 January 2012

As soon as you enter the Show, you will immediately transform into one of the four common types of tourists – a laid-back or active holidaymaker, a trip-maker or adventurer – and start exploring the Alps-Adriatic region with its rich tourist offer from Slovenia as well as the neighbouring Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The Show additionally presents other foreign destinations, such as Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Travel, discover, taste, relax and explore the Show! Local tourist actors will present a rich offer of holidays, trips, active leisure and adventures into the (un)known through picturesque traditions, dance, songs, cuisine, and natural and cultural heritage. You can decide for organized guided tours through the Show, which will also host the Competition of Chefs from South-eastern Europe, play golf, explore the nautical and surfing equipment, enjoy in wine tasting and simply – relax. Plan your visit at the Show. You are cordially invited.
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