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Accommodation Facilities in Ljubljana

Ljubljana provides a good range of accommodation facilities of all categories and types, currently totalling to around 2,550 hotel rooms.
Additional units are available in pensions, bed & breakfast, short-let apartments, plus youth- and student hostels.
All the main hotels as well as the majority of other properties have been extensively refurbished or built anew over the last decade. 
A number of them are centrally located and are within walking distance from the Old Town and the major institutions in the city, including the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

5* 4* 3* 2* & B&B <2*
Total number of rooms in the city
NB* 1411 817 240 39
Number of hotel rooms within walking distance from the congress centre
NB* 772 563 74 0

NB*: A new hotel development, due to be on the market by 2018, has been recently announced. A construction site in the city centre is the location of the future the 5-star InterContinental Hotel that will bring an additional 170 rooms to the destination.
The Union Hotels Group has repositioned its four properties (Grand Hotel Union, Grand Hotel Union Business, Central Hotel and Lev Hotel).  The Lev, previously the only 5-star hotel in Ljubljana (173 rooms) is now a 4-star, while the historic part of the Grand Hotel Union (90 rooms) is to be upgraded into 5 stars. The hotel rate in this case is to stay in the margin of the highest indicated price for the 4-star category.

If you would like us to help you with the booking of accommodation please contact one of our project managers and we will arrange all necessary requirements.