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6th European Congress on Geosynthetics

EUROGEO 2016 (6th European Geosynthetics Congress), 25.-28. 9. 2016, 700 pax., organizer: Dekon Group
»The GR – Exhibition and Convention Centre was a perfect choice for the 6th European Geosynthetics Congress. The facility provided all the necessary exhibition space and allowed us to conduct several parallel meetings and private meetings. The equipment from the beamers to the microphones functioned without any problem; the personnelwere very nice and helpful. The screen setting at the main auditorium spreading along the whole width of the room and powered by four beamers creating a continuous image was the best I have ever seen anywhere around the world.  So overall, I thank you on behalf of the whole Organizing Committee for the wonderful service you provided.« 
Prof. Dr. Erol Güler, Congress Chairman
Bogazici University, Istanbul Turkey