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Eurocities 2017 Ljubljana

Ljubljana hosted the Eurocities Conference, organized by the Ljubljana Municipality from the 15th to 17th of November 2017, the main theme of which was the circular economy. A conference with 600 participants from all over Europe took place at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR). Theconference venue is close to most of the hotels or to the city centre, and is easily accessible also for those who want to walk from the hotel to GR and/or back.There is its own parking lot, from where the participants visited some other locations as examples of good practices in the circular economy in Ljubljana by special transport. Due to its multi-functionality, the halls of the complex B is ideal for meetings with a reception and an exhibition in the lobby, a plenary session in one half of the darkened Marmorna Hall, and the other in the imaginative scenery of the Paideia with a retro coffee shop with daylight for a chat, a chamber discussion or rest in the disguise of second-hand furniture. The complex of smaller randomly separated halls named Povodni mož were occupied with roundtables and the experience exchange in groups. The Stebrna Hall opposite them served as a restaurant.

“The EUROCITIES Conference was extremely important to us. Also at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR), where we organized a major part of the three-day conference, we wanted to create an atmosphere that would enchant both domestic and foreign guests. We did it. Thanks and praise have been received from all over Europe. Thanks to everyone, that participated in the project as well as the GR team.” 

Klement Čepon, Head of PR and Protocol Department at the City of Ljubljana; Head of  EUROCITIES Working Group