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Safely and Healthy to the Events

The Coronavirus

At the GR, we monitor the circumstances regarding the Coronavirus and follow the instructions of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

Safely and Healthy to the Events!

The experiences with the COVID-19 epidemic convincingly prove that virtual communication by far cannot and must not replace the live contact. Although health considerations are extremely important in overcoming the COVID-19 epidemic, we are convinced that appropriate new models should be sought in the planning and organizing the events, based on a direct but safe and healthy contact.

That is why we, at the GR, have consistently been incorporating the NIJZ Hygiene Recommendations for Events into our work for the well-being of the visitors, the exhibitors, the organizers and the employees. At the same time, we have been also responsibly and enthusiastically participating in the design of additional measures in the meetings industry, which have been adopted by the Slovenian Convention Bureau.

As the GR consistently follows safety measures regarding the COVID-1 epidemic, the Slovenian Convention Bureau has awarded it two SAFELY AND HEALTHY TO THE EVENTS Certificates: as a venue (1) and as an event organizer (2).

Our teams will explain to you all the details of what is allowed and what additional measures we take. We will gladly help you organize a safe event.

We have summarized for you some of the most important solutions for organizing a safe and healthy event at the GR.

Instructions for persons present at the venue - we acquaint visitors and exhibitors with them in advance:

  • maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 metres apart from each other
  • wearing a mask when it is mandatory, in indoor public places
  • the cough hygiene
  • the hand washing
  • the minimal touch
  • the following an organized way of walking around
  • the individual entry into the restrooms

Additional technical measures at the venue
  • the entrance and the exit are separate, one-way walking around - a snake
  • providing masks at the entrance for those who do not have them
  • a body temperature measuring with a thermal imaging camera
  • the best possible marking of the venue for optimal orientation
  • the contactless purchases
  • the disinfection points at numerous locations
  • the waiting areas to prevent congestion
  • the at least 4 metres width of walkways at the exhibition
  • the disinfecting the objects after touching or using disposable gloves, which are discarded after use
  • providing an isolation space
  • more rubbish bins
  • special bins for personal waste – handkerchiefs

Additional cleaning and frequent disinfection of touching points
There is a list of points of contact that are regularly disinfected by the staff on duty.

During the event, as well as the assembly and the disassembly, we perform intensive ventilation with fresh air (without recuperation).

The site and post-event protocol in case of infection identification
We have adopted a protocol of actions, notifications and additional activities if we identify an infected person at the scene.

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