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Sustainable Aspects of our Business

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Sustainable Aspects of our Business:

The GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR) organizes projects, especially at the Nature-Health Fair, with more than 100 different lectures and presentations on responsible environmental management.

The energy efficiency: according to the principle of energy efficiency in the general renovation of GR in the years 2000–2008, we introduced precise monitoring of air temperatures in the halls by upgrading the heating and cooling system, which enables us to reduce the thermal energy consumption.

The employees responsibly turn off the lights wherever there is no need for them to be turned on.

We reduce the water consumption by using the self-closing taps.

The toilet cisterns have the dual flush system which allows to save water.

Drinking water: the tap water is of good quality and suitable for drinking.

The best available technology: we follow the principle of energy-efficient equipment when purchasing audio and video equipment.

The crates, billboards, and equipment for the exhibition spaces are made of natural materials.

We maintain the extent of the green areas and take care of planting new ones.

We plan to build a modern cycling station, which will allow charging electric bikes and renting them to the event participants.

We have an agreement with the Ljubljana Public Transport Company (LPP) on free public transport for all the participants in our events.

We strive to offer services and products with our network of partners that include sustainable practices such as cooking with the locally grown food.

Waste management:

We separate 12 different types of waste and take care of their recycling accordingly.

We offer our customers our waste bins at the exhibitions.

We distribute the instructions and the appropriate degradable bags to the exhibitors (the arrangement of one or more islands for the separation of different types of waste, the arrangement of the separation regime, the delivery of bags, the use of waste presses) and we assign staff to separate waste.

We press wastepaper.

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