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External surfaces

The external exhibition surface is located within the fenced area of the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre and represents space for additional or supporting programmes for all types of events or separate open air events ranging from concerts, social events to horse-racing competitions.

The 4 asphalt or concrete floor courts are equipped with all necessary utilities and may be used for set up of temporary structures (tents) of larger dimensions, i.e. up to 2,400 m2.
External surfaces
Length Width Usable area
Mestna ploščad – court in front of Kupola hall (A) 60 m 40 m 2.400 m2
Fontana ploščad – court in front of Steklena hall (C) 75 m 43 m 3.160 m2
Fontana ploščad – court next to the fountain 30 m 20 m 408 m2
Dunajska ploščad – court in front of Marmorna hall (B) 50 m 26 m 1.072 m2
Dunajska ploščad – court next to Jurček 41 m 12 m 336 m2
Vilharjeva ploščad – court next to Kocka hall (A2) 38 m 25 m 968 m2
Festivalna ploščad – court 26 m 26 m 500 m2
Total external surface area of GR 8.844 m2
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